Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Prettiest Handwriting

Throughout the school year, there come many opportunities to display your handwriting. Having gorgeous handwriting makes things easier to read, which allows the reader to enjoy it more, which results in a good grade. You will notice that as your handwriting gets better, so will your grades.

1. Write a little smaller. Giant handwriting is never appealing.
2. Write a little taller, yet rounded at the ends. It gives the letter a more finished look.
3. Practice on a dry erase board. This is really weird and random... but your handwriting will naturally look better if you write with those awesome tip marker/pens! The dry erase board helps get your hands used to a different style of writing.
4. Slightly curve the ends of the "t." 
5. Don't leave a big difference between capitalized and uncapitalized, but not too little either. Just about right in the middle.
6. Extend the intersection of the "e". Like the end of the loop of the "e."
7. Make 8s two circles, but the top one should be SLIGHTLY smaller, if not the same.
8. Write on the lines!!!! I can't stress that one enough ;)
9. Go with one of the options below:
     a. Slightly connect the letters in a word to look pretty and cursive-y
     b. Space out your letters (but not too much) to look clean and neat.
10. Practiceeee! Write the abc's, your name, your friend's names, anything!

The key to good handwriting is putting an artist's touch in it. Don't freak out if this method doesn't work for you, sometimes it takes time! Don't fret, just embrace the style that you have and love! (: 

Monday, July 29, 2013

T3XT1NG Abbreviations

Nowadays, cellphones are mainly being used for texting instead of calling, as an easier and more efficient way of contact... Or because you have the CHOICE of replying... ;) Also, having to type every single word/letter doesn't have to be a hassle, either! Who needs wrds wen u hv abbreviations? (: 

Lol: Laughing out loud
G2g: Gotta go!
Hbu: How 'bout you?
Wbu: What "bout you?
Lmao: Laugh my a$$ off
Btw: By the way
Tc: Take care
Brb: Be right back
Cya: See ya!
Jk: Just kiddin'
Omg: Oh my guacamole!!! Lol, jk ;)
Np: No prob.
Thx: Thanks
Ttyl: Talk to ya laterrr!
Xoxo: Smoochieee (hugs and kissies)

3nj0y txting a11 y0ur fr13nds w1th th3s3 aw3s0m3 and fa5t wrd5 and phras3s!

(If you can read that, you're awesomeeee!) 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Best Magician

There's just something about magic that makes everyone gaga over people. Card tricks, especially, are so easy to pull off, yet look spectacular when executed the right way. Here's how to do an amazing card slapping trick.

The "Slappy" Trick: 

The magician allows one person to pick a card from the deck. The deck is shuffled, then the magician asks the person to hold the deck while he/she slaps it. Amazingly, the one card left after the slap is the card that the person had picked. 

What you'll need: A deck of card and shuffling skills. ;)

How to do it:

1. Choose one person to draw a card when you fan the deck out.
2. Have them look at it and then place it on the top of the deck.
3. This is the part that needs practice: Quickly shuffle, but start from the VERY TOP of the deck. So bring the top card (the selected card) all the way to the bottom. Then continue to shuffle and make it look natural.
4. Do the bridge (only if you know how), to make the audience convinced that you shuffled it well. But make sure that the bottom card (the selected card) is the first card dropped. Basically, the selected card should end up at the bottom. 
5. Have the person hold the deck. Not too tight, not too loose, or else it won't work.
6. Slap the deck. Again, not too hard, not too soft. 
7. Voila! The one card left is magically the one they picked!

Always remember, a magician never reveals their tricks! But also remember that magic takes practice. Practice, practice, practice the slapping part! It takes skill to get it perfect! (:


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Know your Languages!

Learning how to greet people in different languages is always a plus, especially if you love to travel! Here are some of the world's most popular languages:

Language:                                           Greeting:                                                      Farewell:

English                                                Hello!                                                           Byee!
Spanish                                                Hola                                                             Adios
Hindi                                                    Namaste                                                      Namaste
Japanese                                              Konichiwa                                                   Sayonara
French                                                  Salut                                                             Au Revoir
Italian                                                   Ciao                                                              Arrivederci
German                                                Hallo                                                            Auf Wiedersehen
Punjabi                                                 Sat Sri Akal                                                 Sat Sri Akal
Dutch                                                    Goedendag                                                  Tot Ziens  
Hebrew                                                 Shalom                                                         Shalom
Russian                                                 Privet                                                            Poka

So divertirse while you learn these new languages! ;)  

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dancing Diva

Being an awesome dancer can be a skill that comes in handy during times of need... like a partyyyy! (: You may feel self-conscious about it now, but trust me, once you've got these moves down, all eyes will be on you when the music starts to blast!

Moves to learn off of Youtube:
1. Moonwalk
2. Gangnam Style
3. Waltz/ slow dance

1. Don't show off. Period.
2. Be aware of your surroundings! You don't wanna moonwalk right into the punch bowl...(:
3. Be yourself and have fun! People love dancing with girls who have confidence and a way about them that no one else can impersonate!
4. Loosen yourself and don't be tense. Forget what's on your mind and dance like no one's watching.
5. Practiceeee! Mirrors are really good dance partners! ;))

Don't ever feel insecure about your moves. Dancing is in your blood, and no one can tell you otherwise. Have fun and be the life of the party! (:

My new blog!

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Best at the Piano

Being the best at everything is NEVER complete... especially without knowing a musical instrument! I did take a couple of piano lessons, but then my piano teacher moved and I barely learned anything: so I just continued by myself. And trust me, if I can do it, so can you!

1. Know how to read music. Memorize the placement of notes on the staff, because those are what you'll be reading.
2. Invest in a keyboard, if you don't already own one. It's FAR less expensive, and will give you a good learning base.
3. Practice Scales. You have to get your fingers used to the feel of the distance between certain notes.
4. Use the light up keys! I learned Fur Elise from the keys (believe it or not), and whenever I play it, people believe I've been playing for years and years!
5. Youtuuube! There are some really helpful tutorials out there that will teach you what a teacher can.

See, playing the piano is not very difficult. Once you start learning, you will seriously get the hang of things and be extremely good! Hmm, maybe Carnegie Hall doesn't seem so far away anymore, does it? (: