Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Prettiest Handwriting

Throughout the school year, there come many opportunities to display your handwriting. Having gorgeous handwriting makes things easier to read, which allows the reader to enjoy it more, which results in a good grade. You will notice that as your handwriting gets better, so will your grades.

1. Write a little smaller. Giant handwriting is never appealing.
2. Write a little taller, yet rounded at the ends. It gives the letter a more finished look.
3. Practice on a dry erase board. This is really weird and random... but your handwriting will naturally look better if you write with those awesome tip marker/pens! The dry erase board helps get your hands used to a different style of writing.
4. Slightly curve the ends of the "t." 
5. Don't leave a big difference between capitalized and uncapitalized, but not too little either. Just about right in the middle.
6. Extend the intersection of the "e". Like the end of the loop of the "e."
7. Make 8s two circles, but the top one should be SLIGHTLY smaller, if not the same.
8. Write on the lines!!!! I can't stress that one enough ;)
9. Go with one of the options below:
     a. Slightly connect the letters in a word to look pretty and cursive-y
     b. Space out your letters (but not too much) to look clean and neat.
10. Practiceeee! Write the abc's, your name, your friend's names, anything!

The key to good handwriting is putting an artist's touch in it. Don't freak out if this method doesn't work for you, sometimes it takes time! Don't fret, just embrace the style that you have and love! (: 

Monday, July 29, 2013

T3XT1NG Abbreviations

Nowadays, cellphones are mainly being used for texting instead of calling, as an easier and more efficient way of contact... Or because you have the CHOICE of replying... ;) Also, having to type every single word/letter doesn't have to be a hassle, either! Who needs wrds wen u hv abbreviations? (: 

Lol: Laughing out loud
G2g: Gotta go!
Hbu: How 'bout you?
Wbu: What "bout you?
Lmao: Laugh my a$$ off
Btw: By the way
Tc: Take care
Brb: Be right back
Cya: See ya!
Jk: Just kiddin'
Omg: Oh my guacamole!!! Lol, jk ;)
Np: No prob.
Thx: Thanks
Ttyl: Talk to ya laterrr!
Xoxo: Smoochieee (hugs and kissies)

3nj0y txting a11 y0ur fr13nds w1th th3s3 aw3s0m3 and fa5t wrd5 and phras3s!

(If you can read that, you're awesomeeee!) 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Best Magician

There's just something about magic that makes everyone gaga over people. Card tricks, especially, are so easy to pull off, yet look spectacular when executed the right way. Here's how to do an amazing card slapping trick.

The "Slappy" Trick: 

The magician allows one person to pick a card from the deck. The deck is shuffled, then the magician asks the person to hold the deck while he/she slaps it. Amazingly, the one card left after the slap is the card that the person had picked. 

What you'll need: A deck of card and shuffling skills. ;)

How to do it:

1. Choose one person to draw a card when you fan the deck out.
2. Have them look at it and then place it on the top of the deck.
3. This is the part that needs practice: Quickly shuffle, but start from the VERY TOP of the deck. So bring the top card (the selected card) all the way to the bottom. Then continue to shuffle and make it look natural.
4. Do the bridge (only if you know how), to make the audience convinced that you shuffled it well. But make sure that the bottom card (the selected card) is the first card dropped. Basically, the selected card should end up at the bottom. 
5. Have the person hold the deck. Not too tight, not too loose, or else it won't work.
6. Slap the deck. Again, not too hard, not too soft. 
7. Voila! The one card left is magically the one they picked!

Always remember, a magician never reveals their tricks! But also remember that magic takes practice. Practice, practice, practice the slapping part! It takes skill to get it perfect! (:


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Know your Languages!

Learning how to greet people in different languages is always a plus, especially if you love to travel! Here are some of the world's most popular languages:

Language:                                           Greeting:                                                      Farewell:

English                                                Hello!                                                           Byee!
Spanish                                                Hola                                                             Adios
Hindi                                                    Namaste                                                      Namaste
Japanese                                              Konichiwa                                                   Sayonara
French                                                  Salut                                                             Au Revoir
Italian                                                   Ciao                                                              Arrivederci
German                                                Hallo                                                            Auf Wiedersehen
Punjabi                                                 Sat Sri Akal                                                 Sat Sri Akal
Dutch                                                    Goedendag                                                  Tot Ziens  
Hebrew                                                 Shalom                                                         Shalom
Russian                                                 Privet                                                            Poka

So divertirse while you learn these new languages! ;)  

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dancing Diva

Being an awesome dancer can be a skill that comes in handy during times of need... like a partyyyy! (: You may feel self-conscious about it now, but trust me, once you've got these moves down, all eyes will be on you when the music starts to blast!

Moves to learn off of Youtube:
1. Moonwalk
2. Gangnam Style
3. Waltz/ slow dance

1. Don't show off. Period.
2. Be aware of your surroundings! You don't wanna moonwalk right into the punch bowl...(:
3. Be yourself and have fun! People love dancing with girls who have confidence and a way about them that no one else can impersonate!
4. Loosen yourself and don't be tense. Forget what's on your mind and dance like no one's watching.
5. Practiceeee! Mirrors are really good dance partners! ;))

Don't ever feel insecure about your moves. Dancing is in your blood, and no one can tell you otherwise. Have fun and be the life of the party! (:

My new blog!

So I decided to start a new blog: Little Miss Glamor. Its a place where you can get advice, but mainly about how to find your beauty for FREE!!! I've noticed that many girls spend sooo much money on makeup and clothes, but its not even necessary because they can have all that without spending a cent! So come check it out, subscribe, and follow!


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Best at the Piano

Being the best at everything is NEVER complete... especially without knowing a musical instrument! I did take a couple of piano lessons, but then my piano teacher moved and I barely learned anything: so I just continued by myself. And trust me, if I can do it, so can you!

1. Know how to read music. Memorize the placement of notes on the staff, because those are what you'll be reading.
2. Invest in a keyboard, if you don't already own one. It's FAR less expensive, and will give you a good learning base.
3. Practice Scales. You have to get your fingers used to the feel of the distance between certain notes.
4. Use the light up keys! I learned Fur Elise from the keys (believe it or not), and whenever I play it, people believe I've been playing for years and years!
5. Youtuuube! There are some really helpful tutorials out there that will teach you what a teacher can.

See, playing the piano is not very difficult. Once you start learning, you will seriously get the hang of things and be extremely good! Hmm, maybe Carnegie Hall doesn't seem so far away anymore, does it? (:


Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Natural Beauty, Without Makeup

One of the things that has always bothered me about young girls is that they start using makeup at such an early age... then it becomes more of a routine, and then a necessity. If you wear makeup so early into your life, your skin is already forming wrinkles and staining. So here's to not wearing any makeup, whatsoever! (:

1. Fix up your eyebrows. They really do frame your face, and can change the maturity on your entire look.
2. Use petroleum jelly on your eyelashes. Trust me, it works! And use your fingers to lift your lashes and give them a nice curl. (Or a curler, obviously)
3. If you wear glasses, try out contacts. Glasses can make your nose appear large and/or bring unwanted attention to it.
4. Pinch your cheeks! (: Haha, just kiddiiing!
5. Make your own lip balm/gloss. It's really easy: petroleum jelly + tint from a lipstick or eyeshadow makes a perfect combo!
6. Use oil absorbing sheets. A nice matte look changes the appearance of the dimensions of your face, giving you a prettier finish.
7. Speaking of oil, use your fingers to get rid of any oil or sweat that is on your eyelids!!! A little thing makes all the difference in how heavy your eyes look.
8. If you have acne, use an over-the-counter medicine with benzyl peroxide. I know you must have heard it a million times, but it helps SO MUCH! Yes, it takes time, but the results are amazing! Just have some patience.
9. If you have acne scars, apply lemon juice daily to them. The lemon fades the scars, bringing less attention to them. 
10. Smile! Nothing gives a young woman more beauty than the aura that she is a happy and confident person.

See, makeup is NOT a necessity! It is a tool to show off your beauty, but not completely what you are. You are beautiful. I know it.  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Taking Pretty Pictures

As our society unfolds, our current generation is becoming more and more dependent on social media. It's becoming essential to have a good profile picture that truly shows off your beauty.

1. Don't take a close up. Your face will look too squashed! (:
2. Try showing only your top teeth... but not like a chipmunk!
3. Have a nice setting, like flowers, curtains, or curvy stairs. (random, but it works!)
4. Stand tall. Confidence makes any picture amazing!
5. Practice your signature pose, be it hands on hips or superstar style!

Ending note: always have a natural smile. That is what truly makes a picture stand out and makes everyone go "wow." Be you- tiful!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Pretty nail art? No problem!

Learning how to be the best at nail art is super simple! And these cute designs look extra fancy to oomph up any look, whether its for school or a party.

 Use a base coat, then completely paint your nails pink. Use a normal nail polish brush and turn your nail while you stripe it with an opaque white. Use a silver or sparkly striper to outline the white. Slap on a top coat, and BAM, you're done!
For the cute zebra nails, all you need is a base coat, opaque white, and a black striper. I found it easier to turn my nail while I created random stripes to imitate the unique design on a zebra. Be sure to quickly apply a top clear coat to avoid smearing. 
This glittery design is sooo easy, all you need is a base and top coat, a solid color of any choice, and a chunky glittery polish. Apply about two to three coats of the glitter, to achieve the dazzling appearance!

As you create these designs, you will realize how easy it is to have a polished look in under 5 minutes! Because everyone is unique, your design will come out different than others. But never fear, these designs are based on the essence of creativity! Easy peasy! (:

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sing Like a Dream

Although you may not be born with a naturally spectacular voice, you can follow these steps to become an amazing singer!

1. Warm up your voice. This is essential in order to develop your chest voice and falsetto.
2. Sing when you're alone. C'mon now, who doesn't? (: You'll discover how talented you really are when you're not hiding under your shell. Sing like no one's listening.
3. Sing in your range. Don't try to sing a really high song if you have a low voice. You are unique. Embrace it, don't fight it.
4. Find your singing idol: chances are, your voice will develop in favor to their songs and you will discover your voice and what range suits you best.
5. Practice the notes you cannot pull off. Practice makes perfect! (: And NEVER GIVE UP! Just because some people don't know how to appreciate a unique voice, doesn't mean that they don't realize how talented you are. You'll never need someone else's approval in order to achieve success.

Even if you feel like you'll never have a beautiful voice, (which is never the case), always know that singing will make you happy. It allows you to go off into your dreams and make any bad day turn upside down. Love yourself.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Best at Math

When it comes to school, math is the most feared subject. All those numbers, letters, and equations can get REALLY complex. Here are my suggestions on how to ace those tests!

1. Know the basics. Times tables, prime numbers, and exponents are really helpful to know.
2. Practice. You can't expect to fully understand complicated methods without TRYING to help yourself out.
3. Pay attention. That just had to be said. (:
4. Get a scientific calculator. If its allowed, that is. In algebra, a scientific calculator will be extremely helpful!
5. Ask your friends. Sometimes you understand better from your friends than teachers.
6. Double check. I've always found silly mistakes by using different methods to solve equations.

Other ways to SOLVE:
1. Calculator
2. Draw it out
3. Work it backwards
4. Number line
5. Use the answer to find the equation

I really hope this helps all of you succeed in math! Remember, even if you ever do bad on a certain area, don't give up. Always keep on trying, because I'm positive that behind every genius there is a series of trial and error. Good luck!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Having Style

One of the most concerning subjects to our generation is FASHION. Having an abundance of clothes is always a plus, but its another thing to be able to pull anything off. Read on for useful methods on making every outfit seem "WOW". (:

1. Smile. Nothing you can do is more appealing than a smile and make you look like you really love and respect yourself.
2. Make sure your hair looks nice. If you are wearing the cutest clothes ever but are balancing a frizz-ball on your head ... just know that those locks are not working in your favor.
3. Don't show off your undergarments. Yes ladies, there is a reason why sagging and flashing are considered immature.
4. Try tucking in just the front portion of your shirt. It automatically will make your legs appear longer and thinner.
5. Always make sure your shoes don't appear gross/torn/disguuuusting! Your shoes finish off your entire look and really emphasize how polished and complete you look.
6. Groom your nails. Enough said.
7. Accessorize! But never TOO much. A little goes a long way with bracelets, rings, and necklaces.
8. Add a dash of scented mist. Including body spray or perfume. I personally prefer body spray, because perfume can be a little too strong.
6. Don't show your ankles. If the pants are meant to be long, then keep 'em that way! Showing off like an inch or two of your ankles make your legs appear short and stubby. Don't get me wrong, though. Capris are cool, too. (:
7. Walk tall. Confidence is the key. You want to make every girl wish as though they had your closet.
8. Don't be afraid to alter your clothes! Sometimes cutting a skirt just a little bit shorter makes it a whole new piece!
9. Check out thrift stores. Don't be afraid of being judged! High end fashion experts even shop at places like Goodwill. You can easily use a pair of scissors on them, or hem the bottoms, or even find some outfits that look like they cost triple than what you paid for! 

So basically, having style is just a reflection of your confidence, beautiful smile, and believing that you were made to shine. Have fun!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Making Friends

Sometimes life is difficult. Sometimes you've been down in the dumps and you really want to quit and choose the easy path. Sometimes you break down and need a shoulder to share your burden. And sometimes, you have that one hope, because you have a certain someone who always cheers you up.

But this is for the ones that absolutely have no clue on how to make friends easily... and keep 'em. 

1. Be open to meeting new people. You may be totally different from them, but that's how you learn to accept differences: which is a quality that will always work in your favor.
2.  Don't be a snob. Period.
3. Try to mingle with people that you've known for a while. Chances are, they know you, too.
4. Have good hygiene. I'm not saying be a diva, but come on... brush your teeth if they smell! (:
5.  And lastly, whenever you have the option of working individually or with a group, choose the group. At first you may feel as though you're a third wheel, but ease yourself and be fun to talk to. Have a good, clear thinking personality. Don't judge a person by their "cover". And of course, listen. The key to a beautiful friendship is how well you can understand one another. 

Don't forget: this process may take a while, but trust me, you will be blessed when you find that true friend that ends up stickin' around until you're in your old age. 

Introduction! (:

Embrace your best... at everything! Rise to the top of the pack with helpful tips and tricks with fashion, beauty, cooking, sports, and school. The mission: to find your inner spirit and unravel the beauty within yourself. Everyone deserves to shine... and I am honored to show you how! (: