Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Having Style

One of the most concerning subjects to our generation is FASHION. Having an abundance of clothes is always a plus, but its another thing to be able to pull anything off. Read on for useful methods on making every outfit seem "WOW". (:

1. Smile. Nothing you can do is more appealing than a smile and make you look like you really love and respect yourself.
2. Make sure your hair looks nice. If you are wearing the cutest clothes ever but are balancing a frizz-ball on your head ... just know that those locks are not working in your favor.
3. Don't show off your undergarments. Yes ladies, there is a reason why sagging and flashing are considered immature.
4. Try tucking in just the front portion of your shirt. It automatically will make your legs appear longer and thinner.
5. Always make sure your shoes don't appear gross/torn/disguuuusting! Your shoes finish off your entire look and really emphasize how polished and complete you look.
6. Groom your nails. Enough said.
7. Accessorize! But never TOO much. A little goes a long way with bracelets, rings, and necklaces.
8. Add a dash of scented mist. Including body spray or perfume. I personally prefer body spray, because perfume can be a little too strong.
6. Don't show your ankles. If the pants are meant to be long, then keep 'em that way! Showing off like an inch or two of your ankles make your legs appear short and stubby. Don't get me wrong, though. Capris are cool, too. (:
7. Walk tall. Confidence is the key. You want to make every girl wish as though they had your closet.
8. Don't be afraid to alter your clothes! Sometimes cutting a skirt just a little bit shorter makes it a whole new piece!
9. Check out thrift stores. Don't be afraid of being judged! High end fashion experts even shop at places like Goodwill. You can easily use a pair of scissors on them, or hem the bottoms, or even find some outfits that look like they cost triple than what you paid for! 

So basically, having style is just a reflection of your confidence, beautiful smile, and believing that you were made to shine. Have fun!

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