Thursday, July 25, 2013

Know your Languages!

Learning how to greet people in different languages is always a plus, especially if you love to travel! Here are some of the world's most popular languages:

Language:                                           Greeting:                                                      Farewell:

English                                                Hello!                                                           Byee!
Spanish                                                Hola                                                             Adios
Hindi                                                    Namaste                                                      Namaste
Japanese                                              Konichiwa                                                   Sayonara
French                                                  Salut                                                             Au Revoir
Italian                                                   Ciao                                                              Arrivederci
German                                                Hallo                                                            Auf Wiedersehen
Punjabi                                                 Sat Sri Akal                                                 Sat Sri Akal
Dutch                                                    Goedendag                                                  Tot Ziens  
Hebrew                                                 Shalom                                                         Shalom
Russian                                                 Privet                                                            Poka

So divertirse while you learn these new languages! ;)  


  1. Cool! But what's divertirse?

  2. I am awful at languages, this is a godsend! Thanks, I can now actually impress my friends, I have no idea what I'll say after hello though!

    1. Haha, they'll be so amazed with your new talent that you'll shock them even by saying hello and goodbye! ;)


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