Monday, July 15, 2013

Pretty nail art? No problem!

Learning how to be the best at nail art is super simple! And these cute designs look extra fancy to oomph up any look, whether its for school or a party.

 Use a base coat, then completely paint your nails pink. Use a normal nail polish brush and turn your nail while you stripe it with an opaque white. Use a silver or sparkly striper to outline the white. Slap on a top coat, and BAM, you're done!
For the cute zebra nails, all you need is a base coat, opaque white, and a black striper. I found it easier to turn my nail while I created random stripes to imitate the unique design on a zebra. Be sure to quickly apply a top clear coat to avoid smearing. 
This glittery design is sooo easy, all you need is a base and top coat, a solid color of any choice, and a chunky glittery polish. Apply about two to three coats of the glitter, to achieve the dazzling appearance!

As you create these designs, you will realize how easy it is to have a polished look in under 5 minutes! Because everyone is unique, your design will come out different than others. But never fear, these designs are based on the essence of creativity! Easy peasy! (:

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