Monday, July 29, 2013

T3XT1NG Abbreviations

Nowadays, cellphones are mainly being used for texting instead of calling, as an easier and more efficient way of contact... Or because you have the CHOICE of replying... ;) Also, having to type every single word/letter doesn't have to be a hassle, either! Who needs wrds wen u hv abbreviations? (: 

Lol: Laughing out loud
G2g: Gotta go!
Hbu: How 'bout you?
Wbu: What "bout you?
Lmao: Laugh my a$$ off
Btw: By the way
Tc: Take care
Brb: Be right back
Cya: See ya!
Jk: Just kiddin'
Omg: Oh my guacamole!!! Lol, jk ;)
Np: No prob.
Thx: Thanks
Ttyl: Talk to ya laterrr!
Xoxo: Smoochieee (hugs and kissies)

3nj0y txting a11 y0ur fr13nds w1th th3s3 aw3s0m3 and fa5t wrd5 and phras3s!

(If you can read that, you're awesomeeee!) 

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