Thursday, July 11, 2013

Best at Math

When it comes to school, math is the most feared subject. All those numbers, letters, and equations can get REALLY complex. Here are my suggestions on how to ace those tests!

1. Know the basics. Times tables, prime numbers, and exponents are really helpful to know.
2. Practice. You can't expect to fully understand complicated methods without TRYING to help yourself out.
3. Pay attention. That just had to be said. (:
4. Get a scientific calculator. If its allowed, that is. In algebra, a scientific calculator will be extremely helpful!
5. Ask your friends. Sometimes you understand better from your friends than teachers.
6. Double check. I've always found silly mistakes by using different methods to solve equations.

Other ways to SOLVE:
1. Calculator
2. Draw it out
3. Work it backwards
4. Number line
5. Use the answer to find the equation

I really hope this helps all of you succeed in math! Remember, even if you ever do bad on a certain area, don't give up. Always keep on trying, because I'm positive that behind every genius there is a series of trial and error. Good luck!


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