Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dancing Diva

Being an awesome dancer can be a skill that comes in handy during times of need... like a partyyyy! (: You may feel self-conscious about it now, but trust me, once you've got these moves down, all eyes will be on you when the music starts to blast!

Moves to learn off of Youtube:
1. Moonwalk
2. Gangnam Style
3. Waltz/ slow dance

1. Don't show off. Period.
2. Be aware of your surroundings! You don't wanna moonwalk right into the punch bowl...(:
3. Be yourself and have fun! People love dancing with girls who have confidence and a way about them that no one else can impersonate!
4. Loosen yourself and don't be tense. Forget what's on your mind and dance like no one's watching.
5. Practiceeee! Mirrors are really good dance partners! ;))

Don't ever feel insecure about your moves. Dancing is in your blood, and no one can tell you otherwise. Have fun and be the life of the party! (:

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