Friday, July 26, 2013

Best Magician

There's just something about magic that makes everyone gaga over people. Card tricks, especially, are so easy to pull off, yet look spectacular when executed the right way. Here's how to do an amazing card slapping trick.

The "Slappy" Trick: 

The magician allows one person to pick a card from the deck. The deck is shuffled, then the magician asks the person to hold the deck while he/she slaps it. Amazingly, the one card left after the slap is the card that the person had picked. 

What you'll need: A deck of card and shuffling skills. ;)

How to do it:

1. Choose one person to draw a card when you fan the deck out.
2. Have them look at it and then place it on the top of the deck.
3. This is the part that needs practice: Quickly shuffle, but start from the VERY TOP of the deck. So bring the top card (the selected card) all the way to the bottom. Then continue to shuffle and make it look natural.
4. Do the bridge (only if you know how), to make the audience convinced that you shuffled it well. But make sure that the bottom card (the selected card) is the first card dropped. Basically, the selected card should end up at the bottom. 
5. Have the person hold the deck. Not too tight, not too loose, or else it won't work.
6. Slap the deck. Again, not too hard, not too soft. 
7. Voila! The one card left is magically the one they picked!

Always remember, a magician never reveals their tricks! But also remember that magic takes practice. Practice, practice, practice the slapping part! It takes skill to get it perfect! (:


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