Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Natural Beauty, Without Makeup

One of the things that has always bothered me about young girls is that they start using makeup at such an early age... then it becomes more of a routine, and then a necessity. If you wear makeup so early into your life, your skin is already forming wrinkles and staining. So here's to not wearing any makeup, whatsoever! (:

1. Fix up your eyebrows. They really do frame your face, and can change the maturity on your entire look.
2. Use petroleum jelly on your eyelashes. Trust me, it works! And use your fingers to lift your lashes and give them a nice curl. (Or a curler, obviously)
3. If you wear glasses, try out contacts. Glasses can make your nose appear large and/or bring unwanted attention to it.
4. Pinch your cheeks! (: Haha, just kiddiiing!
5. Make your own lip balm/gloss. It's really easy: petroleum jelly + tint from a lipstick or eyeshadow makes a perfect combo!
6. Use oil absorbing sheets. A nice matte look changes the appearance of the dimensions of your face, giving you a prettier finish.
7. Speaking of oil, use your fingers to get rid of any oil or sweat that is on your eyelids!!! A little thing makes all the difference in how heavy your eyes look.
8. If you have acne, use an over-the-counter medicine with benzyl peroxide. I know you must have heard it a million times, but it helps SO MUCH! Yes, it takes time, but the results are amazing! Just have some patience.
9. If you have acne scars, apply lemon juice daily to them. The lemon fades the scars, bringing less attention to them. 
10. Smile! Nothing gives a young woman more beauty than the aura that she is a happy and confident person.

See, makeup is NOT a necessity! It is a tool to show off your beauty, but not completely what you are. You are beautiful. I know it.  

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