Monday, July 8, 2013

Making Friends

Sometimes life is difficult. Sometimes you've been down in the dumps and you really want to quit and choose the easy path. Sometimes you break down and need a shoulder to share your burden. And sometimes, you have that one hope, because you have a certain someone who always cheers you up.

But this is for the ones that absolutely have no clue on how to make friends easily... and keep 'em. 

1. Be open to meeting new people. You may be totally different from them, but that's how you learn to accept differences: which is a quality that will always work in your favor.
2.  Don't be a snob. Period.
3. Try to mingle with people that you've known for a while. Chances are, they know you, too.
4. Have good hygiene. I'm not saying be a diva, but come on... brush your teeth if they smell! (:
5.  And lastly, whenever you have the option of working individually or with a group, choose the group. At first you may feel as though you're a third wheel, but ease yourself and be fun to talk to. Have a good, clear thinking personality. Don't judge a person by their "cover". And of course, listen. The key to a beautiful friendship is how well you can understand one another. 

Don't forget: this process may take a while, but trust me, you will be blessed when you find that true friend that ends up stickin' around until you're in your old age. 

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