Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Prettiest Handwriting

Throughout the school year, there come many opportunities to display your handwriting. Having gorgeous handwriting makes things easier to read, which allows the reader to enjoy it more, which results in a good grade. You will notice that as your handwriting gets better, so will your grades.

1. Write a little smaller. Giant handwriting is never appealing.
2. Write a little taller, yet rounded at the ends. It gives the letter a more finished look.
3. Practice on a dry erase board. This is really weird and random... but your handwriting will naturally look better if you write with those awesome tip marker/pens! The dry erase board helps get your hands used to a different style of writing.
4. Slightly curve the ends of the "t." 
5. Don't leave a big difference between capitalized and uncapitalized, but not too little either. Just about right in the middle.
6. Extend the intersection of the "e". Like the end of the loop of the "e."
7. Make 8s two circles, but the top one should be SLIGHTLY smaller, if not the same.
8. Write on the lines!!!! I can't stress that one enough ;)
9. Go with one of the options below:
     a. Slightly connect the letters in a word to look pretty and cursive-y
     b. Space out your letters (but not too much) to look clean and neat.
10. Practiceeee! Write the abc's, your name, your friend's names, anything!

The key to good handwriting is putting an artist's touch in it. Don't freak out if this method doesn't work for you, sometimes it takes time! Don't fret, just embrace the style that you have and love! (: 


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